Content Marketing Guide For Bloggers To Drive Affiliate Sales

We are heading into the corporate world of Affiliate Marketing, a term that most new comer bloggers used to question in earlier days. A powerful content in your blog with quality tutorial is all you need to convert your traffic into sales. For that, we use several services at our disposal to create innumerable number of readers through social marketing and email marketing. Today, I am going to discuss all those strategies you will need to score off with your content traffic.

Affiliate Sales are never going to be easy, especially when the competition among affiliate marketers are going up day by day. In such a process, you have to consider converting each of your traffic coming through various mediums. But which medium is considered suitable? How that’s going to be possible? Let’s take a look at each of the perspectives.

Building up a network of Mailing List for your Blog

You can pull each of your organic traffic and try to convert them to your mailing list. This will be the first process towards your content marketing guide. You can try some email services provided by many companies out there who are responsible for handling your day to day subscribers and push your content to your reader’s address.

You can built your trust and authority once you start gaining advantage over your subscribers. You can try Aweber’s email service which is by far the most popular WordPress email solution provider. Else if you are running out of money, try Mailchimp, it will give you enough satisfaction over it’s free services.

Developing email readers are essential to convert those readers to drive affiliate sales. It is said that one out of five readers convert into target leads who will become a permanent reader for all your blog posts. If you have a mastering content with all infographics, you start establishing a name for yourself! This is enough as a beginner to start your journey towards content driven marketing.

Generating Content Traffic through Infographics and opinions

Once you get started with mailing lists, there’s no stopping for you in generating beautiful content to those specialized readers. No matter what domain you are in, your targeted content should match with your sales you are trying to convert. If you are in affiliate sales, a review about a particular plugin could drive your readers to that product resulting in direct sales.

We are again saying, try developing your mailing list, the more the matching readers you have, better will be the direct sales for you!

Generally a mind blowing content will involve solutions and ideas based on experiences an individual possess. So in all cases, if you want to hire a designer for developing your content or a manager for making your posts more optimized, then you should go for it! This is the only time where your content will sell to your readers ever so smooth!

How much conversion is possible through Social marketing and Organic Traffic?

Generally social marketing is a key element that adds an extra flavour to your sales. You can invest a certain amount to promote your posts in case you won a special coupon of an awarded product. This can indirectly lead you to bigger sales considering the impact social search is going through in current analysis

Your organic traffic should first be converted to your mailing list and then you can see them through content marketing sales. It’s something like retaining your old customers and developing a trustworthy relationship that can last forever. Rigorous marketing can lead to negative effects, thus resulting in loss of potential customers!

Always rely on quality content you produce on your blog, because we know “Content is King” and Google shall happily accept you on first page of any review or product. It has been reported that 1 out of 5 potential readers convert into affiliate sales and remain a key partner of your blog for longer period.

Blog comments, Webinars, Banners and Bars can turn your Golden Visitors

It is always worth caring for your readers, because they are the loyal people who care for your content! You should care for them too, by replying back to their comments. This gesture has always remained the best source of communication exchange and blog building exercise over a long term period.

Serious marketers can conduct webinars to drive people share their email and thereby providing potential information free of cost. Few Banner ads also provide you with email address of people who sign up for that promoted product. This will indirectly work wonders in developing your email base. Hello bar, one of the best medium to exchange free information in form of E-Books and software also works best in such case.

The method of developing a potential reader base should be born in mind before moving ahead in generating sales.


At the end, I would like to tell new bloggers to start developing more quality content in their blog before try to experiment on various stuffs with affiliate marketing. As a content marketer, we should always remember two things, our Content as our King and Visitors/Customers as our Queen. We have to focus on both terms and drive our earnings through hard work.

I would suggest you to start building your email database of readers right from the word go and once you reach 30k – 35k visitors per month, you can start putting your money on various mediums to expand your readership.

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