Create Free Email Address Using Your Website Domain with Google Apps

Are you a newly registered organization that requires custom email address for communication purposes? Then we have pinned down the ultimate solution for you through which you can create your free email address for your domain with Google Apps service. Your Business Email will power your domain through Gmail account. It is currently one of the best email service with host of features offered by Google Inc.

If your company has a strength of 10, 20, 50 or even 500 people, whatever the number may be, Google will provide each of your workers with custom email service. Currently many bloggers and internet marketers are adding their email service from Google Apps which provides free trial service for first 30 days.
You can always set up your own address by providing your requisite user name and domain name in the form and sign up for a free trial.

How to register and create your Business Email address with Google Apps service

If you are a beginner, I would advice you to try Google Apps Free Trial service which provides customized Email, Google Drive, Documents, Vault, Hangout and many such premium services that any company would require on a startup basis for its employees.
After the completion of the trial period, it completely depends on your wish to continue using the Apps service on a small amount to be paid monthly or annually as per your choice. If you want to stick to custom email service, you can opt that for 5$ monthly renewal charge after 30 days trial.
In order to get started, kindly follow the below procedure, step by step and make your account active for the service:
Step 1: Go to Sign Up Page for Google Apps Program
Step 2: Provide details about your organization like number of employees, country, phone and your current working email address.
Step 3: You will be asked to enter the Domain name associated with your business to be used with Google Apps service.
If you haven’t bought any domain, consider buying one from popular registrars like GoDaddy, BigRock, etc to setup the domain at cheapest price for you. Google shall charge you 10$ every year in case you prefer to buy domain from them.
Step 4: Now you will be redirected to Google Apps login page. Here provides your details like username and password which shall act as your new custom domain email. This will be the first email you will be creating as an administrator of your business, so choose your username wisely.
Afterwards you can create multiple names under the same domain for your co-workers. Give some more insights to your company like address, alternate email, etc.

Setting Up, Verifying and Activating your Google Apps Email Address

Google account is all set from their Apps end to provide you with the requisite services, however your associated domain should verify your email address. Google asks for a mandatory domain verification process to claim ownership of your website.
There are multiple ways through which you can do the same. HTML file upload method, DNS setting method and by Analytics account method. 
Then you have to setup with your hosting account provider to start the service. Gmail will provide you with an MX record file with priority and destination code. Just add those codes to the MX entry of your cPanel in your hosting account dashboard. 
There you go! Your Google Apps Email service will be activated and you can directly control all your activities from your customized Gmail address. 

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