How to Target High CPC Long Tail AdSense Keywords

Have you heard our SEO experts saying that AdSense earnings depend a lot on Keyword selection and it’s CPC? Yes that’s right, today we take a strategic look at collecting those and analyse long tail keywords and it’s importance. There are many people who complain about dropping CPC, fluctuating earnings and improper keyword selection, all these form the basis of the subject topic.

Sometimes niche also plays an important role in deciding how keywords perform to a certain level. But making money simply involves targeting specific quality keywords within your website specialization. Not much emphasis were laid out in keyword tool selection and analysis of search traffic.
In this process, not only you earn high with AdSense, but also make a mark in search engine traffic through optimized keyword research.

Analyzing Your Website’s Traffic and Target Countries

One thing that remains true for all obvious reasons is – Country and regional targeting. This is the most important factor that decides strength in your keywords. Your website’s performance in search results will give enough evidence of how well you do in other places. Try to space out the areas where you should be targeting, generally US and UK traffic will do extremely well in getting you high CPC earnings
The thing behind country specific targeting and earning more money with quality keywords relies content quality. Search engines will love your blog if quality and reader’s interests are maintained. This is how you should have an approach and make your target niche internationally viable to improve your earnings and rankings both seamlessly!

Importance of Long Tail Keywords in AdSense and Search Traffic

These are the extended (long) search queries that Google predicts when someone is searching the web using a specific keyword. Many a times, these LTK’s are ignored which brings down an article’s reputation in search rankings. However maintaining the ratio of using these keywords are extremely important to avoid over optimization penalty. 
Therefore we should analyze those phrases suggested by Google while typing any keyword in search. This gives a fair approach to concentrate your next article on those important words. Most site owners are now targeting these phrases suggested by Google to develop their next topic. Generally these articles outrank the existing saturated keyword based ones which will give you more organic search visits.
If you are eager to see what type of keywords will benefit you with high CPC earnings, then use a master tool called – SEMrush. The details about it are explained in the next section.

SEMRUSH – A Golden Tool to Find High CPC Earning Keywords

This is no doubt the best tool available in the market to master your skills in keyword selection based on various parameters and filters. You can now spy on your competitors and collect their performance data in form of ranking, organic keywords, CPC, Backlinks, etc.
There’s so much to do with this tool and it’s an absolute compulsory for every internet marketer, blog owner and affiliate reviewer to keep checking data on keywords. You can select keywords list in the options and go ahead with filter parameters like CPC to view highest paid keywords used. Make a list of those which you are interested in and starting developing your content over them.
You will be able to collect data of CPC as high as 50$ – 60$. That’s amazing! Once you collect a bunch of long tail high profitable AdSense keywords, frame those in a nicely built article with proper on page SEO tactics to rank higher in search results.
Once again we would like to say that search traffic origin depends a lot in performance of high earning keywords. So even if you haven’t started a blog yet, understand these principles well and then choose your interest niche. You could pretty well make it or break it with your efforts in proper understanding of creating awesome articles with  LTK rich content.

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