SEMrush Review 2020: Best Keyword Checker Competitor Research Tool

Do you wish to unlock the secrets of niche marketing by targeting specific keywords of your domain? Then you should starting using a great tool called SEMRUSH for analyzing your competitors and break the barrier of competition in search engine marketing!
SEMrush is a magic tool where you can spent quality time focusing on keywords you need to target, check backlinks of your competitors, track keyword position, perform your own site audit, compare websites under similar domain and lots more! This is just the perfect tool every content marketer would be wishing to have in today’s infographic world.

How to perform Keyword Research Analysis through SEMRush Tool

One of the most prolific function of this tool is to give you a list of keywords where you can start building your next content. You need to input your competitor’s URL in your niche and there you go!
It displays a result which provides you with backlink numbers to paid vs organic search data volume to SEMrush rank and traffic costs. You have a host of data that comes up in form of top keywords data. This is where your secrets will lie to undertake your next research mission!
Although you won’t be able to access all the above data in free version, therefore we advise you to switch to Pro version of SEMrush to take full advantage of all premium features. For each keyword, you will get search volume data, CPC according to Adsense / Bing and competition value. You have to segregate those keywords which have less competition but equally good in driving long term traffic.
In case you want to scan the high performing CPC keywords, add the relevant filters and it will show you the data for your competitor. 

Perform Backlink Analysis to see Quality links to Competitor’s site

You can view a list of inbound links associated and thereafter segregate yourself to build quality backlinks for your site later on. A list of follow and no-follow links are segregated to give you a better understanding of the website. 
In short you will be able to extract source data of referring web pages to your researched website. You can also compare the list of backlinks and referring domains of various sites you are interested to research on.

Improve Rankings and Eliminate Mistakes through Site Audit Tool

You can improve your position in search rankings, once you allow SEMrush to perform site audit for your web blog. It will give you a rough estimate and analysis of improvements you should make, and also share with you a percentage of site’s wealth in terms of key prospects.
You will often find common mistakes such an broken outbound links, images having no ALT text and external broken link problems in your data. It will show a number of errors encountered while auditing your website. You should quickly understand this and make necessary changes to improve your score and thereby optimizing your web pages.
You can immediately score well with your organic search rankings once you improve your site’s performance. You should take care of On Page optimization so that repeated errors could be limited in coming time. 

Track specific keywords and compare domains for similar keywords online

What’s most unique with SEMrush is it’s ability to compare and produce effective results with domain comparison. It shows a specific set of common keywords which you should take notice and do well to outrank them in future. Sometimes keyword tracking comes big in this case!
When you are interested in a specific keyword, you can track all long tail keywords to get search insights from both paid and organic results. This will enable you to push your existing content or new contents to a new level altogether to increase sales value and know which one’s better performing in the market.
Both domain comparison and keyword tracking comes handy when you work for low competition, but highly source generated content to gain quality traffic to your content.

Why SEMRUSH is a must-have for every online marketer?

If you are into online marketing, then no doubt, you should start using this tool to create great content for your targeted traffic! We recommend you to start working to gain profitable benefits such as:
  • Superb insights to high CPC and low competition Keywords in the market
  • Analyse traffic growth of competitor’s website
  • Free SEO Audit with results to improve ranking and optimization
  • Research on specific parts of result analysis to master niche based marketing
  • It always provides you with resources to stay ahead in the competition
  • Content management and long tail keyword analysis for even benefits    
Most of the free online tools like Google Adwords doesn’t have that core insights to provide results based on targeted niche, which is very specific for us to know and learn through this awesome tool.

How to start using SEMRUSH Tool with Pro and Guru Account

You will need to have the PRO version of this tool to get detailed insights of each and every aspects of research analysis. A Pro account in SEMrush costs only 69.95 $ monthly open to all new users through the below link:
Register and create your account free with SEMrush Keyword Tool online
After using it thoroughly for a month, it depends completely upon your wish to continue using it or not. However as per data, this awesome tool is now being used by 70% content marketers to drive serious traffic to their blogs. We recommend this tool with 10/10 score and hope you have a great time blogging and researching with this! 

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