Top 10 Free Twitter Unfollow Tools to Track Non Followers

Twitter users who are particular about their account can try free Twitter unfollow tools to get rid of non followers in their profile. You can unfollow a mass of people through auto feature and track all those people who are not following you back after you followed them. Let’s see a list of 10 best tools you can use to appropriately remove those inactive users from your profile.

I will also explain you on how to unfollow all your Twitter followers at once through apps and chrome extensions available for below mentioned tools.

Tweepi – Manage and Flush your Unfollowers with Ease

With this tool, you can remove all your non followers in one go, keeping your true loyal friends with you as followers. You can use reciprocate button to follow all those friends whom you haven’t followed back as a good gesture. All your inactive profile people associated with you, who are simply do not engaged in any type of conversations or updates can be removed altogether with a click.

Tweepi is considered as the best Twitter management tool available till date which provides you stats and updates according to your convenience. You can try Tweepi for free or else buy a premium version to unlock potential features of this awesome tool.

ManageFlitter – Work Faster and Smarter with Twitter

This tool is considered a powerful device in giving you each stats accurately and in well defined times. The Power post feature allows you to schedule your twitter posts in time which has maximum user engagement. You will be able to see more user engagement when you tweet according to schedules as per reports. It also has the most powerful unfollow tool that you can use to remove 1000 users at a time with one click option.

You will be provided with stats regarding inactive profile, profiles without any photo, spam profiles, users who haven’t followed you back, people you should be following back and much more! It provides you with numerous options to follow similar minded people you like and cares for your security by providing updates related to your account information via mails.

CrowdfireApp – Social Media Growth Partner

Crowdfire is essentially the top Twitter management tool which is going day by day. It was earlier known as JustUnfollow and now has services extended to Instagram as well. You can track and maintain your Twitter account stats and see your competitor’s stats and rankings on Twitter.

You need to upgrade to premium version to enjoy all features associated with the app. At present, the free version allows you to track 25 followers and another 25 non followers on a daily basis. The limits are on daily basis numbers. They are currently running on Android and iOS app devices and will soon come to Windows.

One of the biggest advantage with this app, is that you can easily schedule and work around your content to get noticed among your potential people. They help us to find the potential like minded people and help us expand our lists.

Unfollower Stats – Track and Unfollow your Unfollowers with ease

This is another superhit tool to track and maintain statistics for your non followers. After signing in, you can easily keep track of all your Twitter account data and receive update when someone secretly unfollows you back. You can immediately unfollow or make a list to do the same for multiple people in your profile.

It will also give you a notification regarding who followed you, so that you can get back to him and return a follow back. It’s responsive design website is pretty much user friendly and uses key auto track feature that stores your information, in case you lose your data accidentally.

TweetingMachine – Ultimate Twitter and Facebook Tool

It allows you to manage your Twitter tweeting timelines and accordingly arranges the perfect time for you to splash your words with the audience. Other data like engagement, hashtag, mentions, replies are all tracked and recorded to show your campaign updates.

And yes, it allows you to unfollow people who haven’t followed you back in a matter of seconds. It allows you to send direct messages to a list of people you select, and track their replies and stats for each profile. This TweetingMachine is equipped with a chrome browser extension that makes your life easier tweeting without opening Twitter.

If blogging is your profession, add your website feed URL and there you go! TweetingMachine tweets directly each of the posts when your feeds come through!

Unfollowspy App – Social Media Monitoring Solutions

It is an 100 percent free tool available with all premium features and benefits for day-to-day social activities. Unfollowspy manages your Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud profiles and monitors your account with strict security.

Some of the features include: Gain followers where you check through individual profile’s followers and match your similar interests with filters and follow him to share similar background. You can view a list of non followers and remove them whenever you want to. Inactive users can be tracked and removed with a separate list that shows stats of each profile.

Unfollowers – Find Who Unfollowed you on Twitter and Instagram

Unfollowers is one the most preferred tool when it comes to handling your social profiles like Instagram and Twitter. You can find and follow people who are similar in your interest and remove unfollowers with one click option. It is trusted by 8 million users worldwide and it’s Android app is the most preferred tool you can use.

It will provide you community insights, automate your tasks so that scheduling of your tweets become easy and a much needed responsive software design.

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